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Fashion or tech? The product at the heart of Ive’s decision to leave Apple

By reviews / 1. July 2019

Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly isnt that hands-on when it comes to the product design process and  when he was  his decisions didn’t seem to quite match up with the vision of Chief Design Lead Jony Ive. In a week when we saw the departure of Apple stalwart Ive announced, it seems Cooks lack of interest and differing visions may have partly contributed to his exit.

Tim Cook has been the primary public face of Apple as its CEO since the passing of Steve Jobs. Cook has his ownsome may say more businessman-likestyle as opposed to the unique and enigmatic persona of Steve Jobs

It seems the differences between Jobs and Cook may have caused some internal strife when it comes to how they interacted with Chief Design Office Jony Ive.

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According to WSJ, Ives departure has been coming for years and divides over the Apple Watch may have been a key catalyst in a growing rift. Those who work in Apples design studio state they rarely saw Tim Cook and he showed little interest in the product design process. Cooks disinterest apparently disheartened Jony Ive.

Jony Ive reportedly grew more distant from the leadership at Apple as Tim Cook grew into his role. Ivea protége of Jobsbecame frustrated with the companys pivot to a more operations-focused outfit under CookA particular source of frustration for Ive was reportedly the Apple Watch.

Ive wanted Apple’s move into the wearables category to be more about a premium fashion accessory – akin to the company’s image as a provider of pricey status symbols. However, Cook and others in Apple saw the Apple Watch as more of a gadget – acting as an extension of the iPhone and its features.

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Ive began to take a more hands-off approach to the elite design team inside Appleleaving the companys design with a far less focused direction. In a bid to keep Ive happy, Cook gave the head of design a generous pay packageabove that of other Apple executives. Cooks tactics now seem to have fallen short

Jony Ives frustration wasnt limited to the Apple CEO. Ive reportedly wasnt happy with the growing number of directors with financial and operations backgrounds gaining prominent positions in the companyas opposed to those with a history with technology.

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