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“A computer absolutely can be sexy… yeah, it can” – The glorious ways Jony Ive has described Apple products

By reviews / 29. June 2019
Jony Ive

The leading mind behind the look of Apple products is leaving the company. However, the legendary Jony Ive brought us far more than sleek, new products. He treated us to some classic turns of phrase too.

Though he rarely took the stage at Apple events, so often his performances in announcement videos gave people plenty to talk about.

Ivewho hails from Chingford in Londonhas a strikingly soothing voice. A voice that, along with his accent and mind-bending verbiage, continues to enthrall Apple fans and journalists alike.

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In appreciation of Jony Ive and his wordy declarations, we here at Trusted Reviews have put together a word cloud of some of the master designers most popular Ive-isms.

We took snippets of some of Ives most famous interviews and shoved them through WordClouds.com:

Jony Ive
Image Credit: WordClouds

From his infamous delivery of the wordAluminium” – which Americans particularly found hilariousto using phrases likedramatic distinction techniques”, Jony has rarely disappointed. Here are some more of our favourite Ive quotes (we advise you attempt to read them in his luxurious voice): 

Editor’s note: Props to any reader that can match the product to the quotes

 “A computer absolutely can be sexyyeah, it can.”

Air is pulled into vents and propelled through sculpted cavities by fans with asymmetrically positioned blades.”

Weve actually figured out a way of taking the glass right to the very perimeter, its just display then no displaythats it. You are just complete consumed by that image.

Theres not a detail there that doesnt need to be there. There are no visual interruptions [or] distractions, theres just no other noise. Everything is about the display and therefore everything is about your content.”

But, I love the way that it scales from being something that is that apparently simple to actually being really remarkably sophisticated.”

You can use it without thought, its just the way that wouldve expected the mouse shouldve always worked.”

Its a collection of our very best thinking, our very best innovation.”

Incredibly strong butalsoremarkably precise.”

The quality of the materials, the manufacturing precision, the advanced technologyultimately all of this becomes relevant when you just hold it in your hand.”

The iPadon one handis clearly way bigger than just a new product, this is a new category. But yet millions and millions of people are going to be instantly familiar with it. In many ways, this defines our vision, our sense of whats next.”

To round off, two words we think adequately describe Ive, his time at Apple and the design language hes imprinted on products for years to come: “Remarkably sophisticated”.

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