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Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 could steal the best Galaxy Note feature

By reviews / 28. June 2019
Samsung Galaxy Fold

The next-generation Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 could boast a larger screen and borrow the popular S Pen from the Galaxy Note range, reports from Korea claim.

While the original Galaxy Fold is yet to go on sale, following highly publicised issues with display durability, it hasn’t halted speculation over what Samsung has in store for the sequel.

Korean publication The Lec reports (via Sam Mobile) the company has instructed its component suppliers to start building S Pen parts for the next iteration of the potentially-groundbreaking range.

While the report doesn’t say whether Samsung is plotting to increase the size of the cover display (currently 4.6-inches), but an 8-inch internal panel would be considerably larger than the 7.3-inch display that folds open into a tablet.

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While a larger screen would be relatively easy to facilitate, accommodating the S Pen would present a serious challenge for Samsung in terms of revamping the design.

That revamp may be merited. The phone’s design received a lukewarm reception when Samsung eventually took the wrappers off earlier this year. Prior to the display breakage incidents, there were complaints over that tiny cover display, the gap between the two halves when folded, and overall thickness of the device.

Samsung hasn’t commented on its plans for a next-generation foldable phone, and it’s unclear whether any plans are currently in motion, given the company’s current issues in getting the original to market.

Such is the nature of the device, and what it took to get to this point, it’s not certain that the Galaxy Fold will join the Samsung’s annual refresh cycle alongside the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S series phonesIt may be that Samsung opts for less regular updates with its foldable phones.

As for the original, reports continue to be conflicting. Samsung appears to be suggesting an announcement over the release is imminent, while reports from South Korea have claimed little has changed since the company cancelled the launch planned for late April.

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