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EE’s 5G network at Glastonbury is the biggest temporary 5G installation

By reviews / 28. June 2019

It’s not just the beer flowing at this year’s Glastonbury, with EE having installed a 5G network at the 900-acre site – the biggest temporary 5G installation so far. 

We’re not there this year sadly, but analyst Ben Wood is and in a field test (geddit) says that he’s consistently getting at least five times the speeds on EE’s 5G network compared to 4G. Wood showed 5G speeds ranging from 350Mbps to a stonking 560Mbps. 

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Of course, EE didn’t need to install 5G at Glastonbury – there will probably only be a handful of people with a 5G phone out of 150,000 but EE clearly sees it as a good opportunity for promotion. It’s also providing 5G-powered Wi-Fi at the event so can bring better data speeds to those without a 5G phone as well as providing 2G for voice or 3G/4G for data and voice.

EE says that it expects 40 percent more data to be used this weekend at the event compared to 2017 (there wasn’t a festival in 2018). It’s predicting around 70 terabytes of data use this time. 

Wood also noted that 4G speeds are pretty hefty at around 120Mbps in a comparison between the OnePlus 6T on 4G and the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G. 

Infrastructure expert Peter Clarke says the temporary 5G network install looks to be very similar to EE’s London sites with Huawei AAU (Active Antenna Unit) Massive MIMO carrying 3500MHz 5G with other Huawei antennas and radios to cater for non-5G customers.

Original source: https://www.pocket-lint.com/phones/news/ee/148499-ee-s-5g-network-at-glastonbury-is-the-biggest-temporary-5g-installation

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