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YouTube Music now quietly downloads tracks you like for offline play

By reviews / 27. June 2019

If you have a big data plan and/or are poor at forward planning, youve probably been in a position where your music has simply cut out as soon as your signal has. Personally, Ive had many a tube journey suffer from this, where I end up frantically trying to download something to listen to between stops.

YouTube Music has come up with an answer to this problem: Smart Downloads. Rolling out now to YouTube Music Premium subscribers with Android devices, Smart Downloads will automatically download up to 500 songs it thinks youll like based on your past pressing thelikebutton and your general listening history, so you should never be caught without music again.

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Crucially, itll do so with minimal fuss. That means it will only stock up your offline listening library when it has a WiFi connection so as not to drain your data, and at night so as not to bother you when youre likely to actually need your phone.

Smart Downloads expands on YouTube Music Premiums Offline Mixtape feature, which uses your listening history to download a bunch of songs that you might enjoy. Music being such a personal thing, youd imagine the YouTube algorithm would make plenty of mistakes here, but its easy enough to delete them should they prove to be disastrous

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YouTube isnt the first company to try and predict what media you might want to consume when you no longer have an internet connection. The Netflix app does something similar, downloading the next episode of a show youre watching in advance so its ready to go when youre done, and then deleting episodes youve already watched

Are you a YouTube Music Premium subscriber? How good has Smart Downloads been for you? Let us know what you think on Twitter: @TrustedReviews.

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