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Own a Xiaomi Mi 9 SE? You may want to avoid this software update

By reviews / 26. June 2019
Xiaomi Mi 9 SE
Xiaomi Mi 9 SE

A recent software update is forcing select Xiaomi Mi 9 SEs into an infinite reboot loop, according to fresh reports.

The first reports of the issue appeared on the Xiaomi Mi community forum earlier this week and relate to Xiaomis latest mi 9se 10.3.1 software update.

The post suggests once downloaded affected phones are bricking to display athe system has been destroyed press power button to shutdownerror message. Pressing the power button reportedly just brings the phone back to the same message.

The initial post has attracted 159 replies, with many Mi 9 SE owners reporting suffering the same issue. Trusted Reviews has contacted Xiaomi for comment on the reports and will update this article the moment we hear back.

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The Xiaomi Mi 9 SE is an affordable variant of the excellent Xiaomi Mi 9. It pulls the same trick Samsung did with the Galaxy S10e and Galaxy S10, offering a similar design to the companys flagship but with stripped down specifications and a lower price. The biggest change on the Mi 9 SE is the move to use a less powerful Qualcomm 712 CPU.

Were in the process of reviewing the Mi 9 SE, but considering how much we loved the full fat Mi 9 we have high hopes for the handset. The Xiaomi Mi 9 is one of a select few phones to score 5/5 during our review process. The handset offers top end, flagship phone features and performance but costs a modest £499, making it one of the best value handsets on the market.

The news comes straight after Xiaomi unveiled a new line of CC series phones. The CC brand is reportedly designedfor young people”. What this exactly means, or how the CC brand will differentiate from Xiaomis existing Mi, Redmi and Mix lines remains to be seen. But the latest rumblings suggest the first CC phone will have anadvanced beautymode. Your guess is as good as ours what that means.

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