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Microsoft OneDrive now has a secure vault for your most private files

By reviews / 26. June 2019

Microsoft has announced its introducing a special place on OneDrive to store your most important documents

Personal Vault will be a part of OneDrive dedicated to your most vital filesthink passport scan, your tax returns, and digital copies of your ID. Its different to the rest of your OneDrive account, as itll require an extra layer of authentication to access, be it a PIN, fingerprint, face scan, two-factor authentication code or a use of Microsofts own Authenticator app.

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Neatly, Microsoft is aware that actually digitising these essential files is a potential security breach in itself, so will let you scan them in directly from the OneDrive app. That means no risk of your passport hanging around in your camera roll for all to see.

And Personal Vault isnt just protected in the cloud. Users running Windows 10 will find that their Personal Vault is synced to a BitLocker-encrypted section of their hard drive. Of course, theres always a risk that somebody will be able to peek after youve authenticated, which is why Microsoft has added an automatic relocking period: three minutes for mobile devices, or 20 minutes for desktops and laptops. If accessed via browser, your files wont be saved in the cache.

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Microsoft says theres no limit to the number of files for Office 365 subscribers, while those on free or standalone 100GB plans will face an as-yet unspecified file limit. Its comingsoonfor users in Australia, New Zealand and Canada, and will be with everyone else by the end of the year.

Elsewhere, Microsoft has announced that users on the entry-level £1.99 per month OneDrive plan will soon see their space doubled from 50GB to 100GB at no additional cost. Office 365 subscribers, meanwhile, will be able to add more storage to their 1TB of space in 200GB increments starting at $1.99 (~£1.57) per month.

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