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T-Mobile 5G: Launch date, first cities and phone confirmed

By reviews / 25. June 2019
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Galaxy S10 5G

T-Mobile may be last to the party when it comes to 5G in the United States, but the carrier is hoping to make up for lost time when it launches in six cities next week.

The company, which is currently attempting to secure a merger with the Sprint network, will switch on its next-gen network in Atlanta, Cleveland, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New York City on June 28.

In those cities and those cities alone, subscribers will be able to buy the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, which is currently available on the Verizon and Sprint networks and due to land on AT&T soon.

The phone costs $1,299 to buy upfront, or it’s $31.25 a month with a $549.99 down payment on T-Mobile.

T-Mobile has chosen those cities where it has established its allocation of millimetre wave (mmWave) spectrum, but coverage will still be limited with reliable coverage only available outdoors. Anyone hoping to snap up the Galaxy S10 5G on T-Mobile should probably look into the coverage maps first.

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The company also confirmed to The Verge that the S10 5G will only work with the mmWave spectrum and will not be compatible with the next rollout of low- and mid-band 5G frequenciesIf you’re desperate to give 5G a try now then you might consider the phone now; otherwise it might be better to wait until the next-generation of 5G handsets arrive.

“Today, T-Mobile announced that it will carry the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G starting June 28,” the company says. “The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G taps into millimeter wave (mmWave) high-band spectrum on 5G, giving customers blazing fast speeds outdoors in parts of these urban areas. And where there isn’t 5G, the device will fly on T-Mobiles advanced nationwide LTE network. This is the first step in our journey towards 5G for All.”

However, it’s also important to consider this is also the best Galaxy S10 device on the market. The battery is bigger, it has more cameras and it has a larger screen. It’s also the only model to support 25w fast charging, as well as the Wireless PowerShare functionality.

If you end up springing for the Galaxy S10 5G you’re unlikely to be disappointed; especially if you can access those 1Gbps 5G speeds…

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