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K-Pop superstars BTS are releasing a mobile game, BTS World, tomorrow

By reviews / 25. June 2019
(Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

K-Pop mega-stars BTS have been racking up fans all around the world recently as both their music and their “Burn the Stage: The Movie” documentary have been adored by fans of the seven-person boyband, but now they’re turning their hand to mobile gaming with the release of BTS World on Wednesday this week.

It’s not a quick cash-in, either. BTS has supposedly spent the last two years recording exclusive content for the game, including music, videos and photos. There are som 10,000 new images and 100 video clips of BTS that are currently exclusive to the game, while they also recorded three tracks: All Night, Dream Glow and A Brand New Day, all of which have been released by the band earlier in June.

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BTS World will see you take the role of the band’s manager several years ago, trying to make the right choices to get BTS to being the mega-stars they are today. Make the right choice and hey, BTS will have a moment. However, if BTS don’t find success, they’ll chase their other dreams, which could see your favourite member of BTS becoming a strawberry farmer or Taekwondo champ, activities that the members of BTS envisioned if they hadn’t have become the globally famous popstars they currently are

It feels somewhat similar to the Pottermore website, which catered to fans of Harry Potter with exclusive activities and materials for fans of that series that chose to get involved, and it certainly appears like this will be successful with BTS fans

BTS have been on the scene for a while in Korea, forming in Seoul in 2013. They broke through into the mainstream pop market in 2017, and they’ve opened the way for a lot of other K-Pop acts to make their way to the west and break into the mainstream.

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