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Google Drive is getting a full offline mode – here’s how to turn it on

By reviews / 25. June 2019

Google Drive is completing its lineup of files accessible offline by introducing offline options for PDFs, images, Microsoft Office and other non-Google files.

Google says that the goal of the new additions is tocomplete the offline experience for Google Drive”. PDFs, images and Microsoft Office join Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, which became the first of Googles file types to join the new offline mode back in April.

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Offline mode is designed to make accessing important files when youre out and about a breeze. If youve ever tried to download your pics on the road or in a building with poor internet connectivity, then you probably already know what a difference a full offline mode could make.

If you’re an admin or end user and want to be one of the first to access your files offline, you can apply to take part in beta testing now.

Admins will need to enable Drive File Stream use and installation for their domain. To do this, visit this page to turn on sync for your organisation and install Drive File Stream on each users computer.

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Youll also need to enable offline access for your domain and devices by either installing policies on each computer or by allowing users to turn on offline access individually.

Then all you need to do is apply to join the beta here.

If you opted into the Alpha for offline Docs, Sheets and Slides, you will automatically find yourself white listed for the latest beta.

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End users can also access the beta early  all you have to do is enable offline mode from within the Drive or Docs settings. Then you just need to sign into Chrome and access Drive File Stream to right click your non-Google files and mark them as available offline. Theres even an offline preview button so you can check which files you have ready to go once your connection cuts out.

Offline mode for Google Docs is not currently supported in ChromeOS but Google is working on a fix to bring the feature to the browser in the future.

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