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A key Xiaomi app just got a dark mode – the Mi 9 just got a lot sweeter

By reviews / 25. June 2019
Xiaomi Mi 9

Xiaomis rolled out a new dark mode for its Mi File Manager app, the latest step in its effort to give its software a system-wide goth makeover.

The feature was spotted by eagle eyed writers at Android Police on Monday and is part of the companys latest software update. It lets you give the app a new dark colour scheme using a new toggle control in the Manager’s side menu.

The app is the latest in a long line of Xiaomi services to get the dark mode treatment. The company confirmed plans to give its phones a system wide dark mode in version 10 of its MIUI software, but has suffered delays rolling it out to every individual app.

The new mode will be a welcome addition for Xiaomi fans. Interest in Xiaomi phones has been gradually increasing following the release of several of the companys handsets in the west. The Xiaomi Mi 9 is a particular highlight and one of a select few phones to score 5/5 during Trusted Reviews in-depth review.

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Dark modes are an in-vogue feature at the moment that bring a variety of benefits. As well as looking cooler, the modes can help improve devices with OLED screens battery life. This is because of the way OLED screens generate blacks simply by stopping charging pixels. This means a screen with majority dark colourings consumes less power than a light one.

Xiaomi is one of many companies rushing to add a dark mode to its software. The consumer release of Googles latest Android Q OS will feature a dark mode. The company has been rolling out a steady stream of dark modes for popular apps, including Gmail, Chrome, Youtube and Maps since the announcement,

Apple announced its latest MacOS Catalina will have a system wide dark mode at the companys WWDC conference earlier this month.

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