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These rumours about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 are a touch disappointing

By reviews / 24. June 2019
Galaxy Note 10 render
Galaxy Note 10 render

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 isnt far off, and unsurprisingly Samsungs latest phablet is beginning to take shape. But a couple of new rumours from XDAs Max Weinbach have dampened our enthusiasm a little bit.

In a tweet citing a source whogot to play with a Note 10 and Note 10 Pro,” Weinbach states that although the existing renders arealmost perfectand the S Pen isalmost the same as the Note 9”, the non-Pro model doesnt have a microSD card slot.

And while he initially wrote that both models had headphone jacks, he later added a follow-up tweet saying that his source was mistaken. “Update: headphone jack was a fake,” he wrote. “Samsung added a fake headphone jack to the unit to trick people. It obviously worked. Type C AKG earbuds in the box.”

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In the greater scheme of things, these are probably pretty mild disappointments, especially if you have a good set of wireless headphones and the budget to buy a Note 10 Pro. After all, its pretty telling that Weinbachs source only talks about the non-Pro version for the expandable storage.

But its still a disappointing direction of travel. For years, Ive been happily recommending Samsung flagships to people because they simply have everything when it comes to extras: expandable storage, wireless charging, waterproofing, and a headphone jack. If trueand its still very much a rumour at this pointthis adds a disappointing caveat to that easy recommendation. Especially if this trend continues on to 2020s Galaxy S11.  

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That said, Samsung does have a little form at taking away features and then bringing them back. The microSD card slot was dropped from the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, only to come back with the S7 family. Its omission was apparently due to a technical problem though, so unless sales absolutely tank, it would be hard to see a repeat performance here.

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