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Analyst claims a foldable Microsoft Surface is planned for 2020

By reviews / 24. June 2019
Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

Foldable devices have had, to put it kindly, a difficult start in life. But that hasnt put Microsoft off its plans for a foldable Surface, according to one analyst.

The Associate Director of Consumer Electronics at IHS Markit, Jeff Lin, has told Forbes that Microsoft is planning its foldable Surface tablet in the first half of 2020maybe the first quarter if everything lines up particularly well.  

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The device will apparently have two 9-inch screens that connect to each other, forming a 4:3 aspect ratio. The device will reportedly run Windows Core OS (WCOS), but a version modified to cope with the added complexity of dual-screen apps.

The rumoured Surface will run Intels 10nm Lakefield chipset, and some kind of cellular support is extremely likely, given the nature of the device. This could be the standard 4G that were very familiar with, although its possible it could also be a 5G device.

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But the most interesting thing in the report is that Microsoft is reportedly planning to offer support for Android appsa common request for Windows tablet users. Why now? Well, the dearth of dual-screen supporting Windows apps is something that could be mitigated by opening the door to Android support. Apples iCloud service would also apparently be supported.

This isnt the first time weve heard rumours about Microsofts dual-screen device, codenamed Project Centaurus, but it does provide plenty more details to get our teeth into. Whether these rumours are ultimately borne out remains to be seenits still a long way away, and even if theyre correct now, things can change in a flash. But its still something to look forward to for Surface fans.

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