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Gmail for Android has a dark mode now – here’s how to download it

By reviews / 22. June 2019

Gmail for Android has joined the likes of Google Photos, Chrome, Calendar and Keep, finally getting its own dark mode, sort of.

Googles mailing app is the latest in a long line of Google apps to get the dark mode treatment. The newest Gmail APK allows users to access dark mode with one issue  it only works in Settings.

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Screenshots from Gmail v2019.06.09 can give us an idea of what our inboxes will look like when full dark mode does land on Gmail. For one, the background will probably be closer to a dark grey than a true black. This is disappointing news for OLED display owners as they wont be able to take advantage of the battery saving perks of a true black dark mode.

However, the update is still a big step forward for late night email readers and those who just prefer the lack of strain on the eyes that dark mode brings. The feature is always a welcome addition to Googles apps, offering users an alternative to the default bright white UI Google is known for.

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Google has gradually been adding dark modes to its most popular apps in preparation for the arrival of Android Q and the introduction of its system wide dark mode option.

You can check out Google’s latest update on the Gmail app right now but you probably wont be able to use dark mode to scroll through your inbox just yet. Regardless, this is certainly a positive sign that the highly requested feature is on its way to the Android OS.

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If you want to be one of the first to try out Gmails new dark mode, you can download Gmail v2019.06.09 from APK Mirror now.

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