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Microsoft quietly rolls out a cheaper 15-inch Surface Book 2

By reviews / 20. June 2019

We were quite fond of the Surface Book 2 when we first  reviewed it back in 2017, but if you read said review today youll see one major complaint in theConscolumn: its super expensive. Thats especially true of the larger 15-inch model, which still starts at £2349 on Microsofts UK store.

Thats because the cheapest 15-inch version is a specs beast, with 16GB RAM and an eighth-generation Intel Core i7 processor tucked away in the detachable base.

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But that might be about to change if the UK store follows the example of its American sibling, which has just added a cheaper flavour of 15-inch Surface Book 2. Yes, you still need 16GB RAM, but you can now buy a version with a seventh-generation Core i5 processor running the show. Thatll set you back $1999 (~£1575), a full $500 off the previous entry-level configuration.

To be clear, thats still very expensive considering you drop a generation in processor and lose out on the Nvidia GeForce discrete graphics. Its especially galling when you consider that the 13.5-inch version with the same processor, same storage and half the RAM is currently on sale on the same website for $1099. Paying nearly double for an extra 1.5-inches of screen space and 8GB more RAM feels like the kind of thing youd only do if you have significantly more money than sense.

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Nonetheless, more flexibility is good for Microsofts Surface Book 2 range. For people that need a bigger screen and the ability to convert to a tablet from time to time, the otherwise fabulous Surface Laptop 2 doesnt quite cut it. As Alistair wrote in his Surface Book 2 review: “If youre a power user for whom money is no object, youll struggle to do better than the Surface Book.

Featuring a super-swish design, cutting-edge hardware and a pleasingly bloatware-free Windows install, its hard to fault the Surface Book 2 for most tasks.”

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