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Looking for a new TV? Peep these Netflix-approved sets

By reviews / 20. June 2019

Netflix has once again listed the television sets it recommends for the best viewing experience on the streaming platform.

Just as it did last year, the company has reached a shortlist of recommended sets for 2019, with Sony, Samsung and Panasonic tellies leading the pack.

For example, the televisions from Samsung’s QLED 8K, QLED 4K, Premium UHD and Lifestyle ranges make the cut, with these specific models earning a recommendation: Q900R, Q90R, Q80R/Q85R, Q70R, Q60R, RU8000. The Serif and The Frame sets are also included.

The Sony Bravia A9G/AG9, X95G/XG95 and X85G/XG85 are in, while the Panasonic Viera GX700/GX800/GX900 series sets round out the list.

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Netflix says the list could grow throughout the year, but currently there’s nothing from major manufacturers like LG, Hisense, Vizio or Sharp.

The company says it rigorously tests performance, ease of use and other features to gauge not just the perfect viewing experience on Netflix, but with other apps too. Effectively, they’re trying to put the likes of us out of a job!

In all seriousness, Netflix says it has designed criteria to bring you a “faster, easier and better viewing experience from beginning to end.” The sets tested have to earn five of seven criteria in order to achieve a recommendation. A lot of them seem pretty selfish.

If the TV remote has a Netflix button, that’s a tick in the plus column, as is easy access to the Netflix app icon from the main TV menu. Apps offering the highest-res Netflix interface with updates in the background to ensure the latest version of the app and the freshest content are always ready for consumption? They meet the criteria too.

Finally, the TV must have Instant On functionality with apps ready to use right away, as well as a speedy Netflix app launch. Again, this is really all about Netflix, despite the company claiming it takes other apps into consideration.

So, before you take Netflix’s word for it, check out list of the best 4K TVs for all budgets.

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