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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro case ‘leak’ reveals fate of headphone jack

By reviews / 18. June 2019
Galaxy Note 10 render
Galaxy Note 10 render

An apparently leaked image of the case for a Galaxy Note 10 Pro gives weight to rumours we’ve hearing, including whether or not the headphone jack will survive.

A Twitter source has published images of cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro. It’s not due to be released until August, so this gives us an early sneak previewand by the looks of the case, the 3.5mm headphone jack is not present.

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This would be the first phone in Samsung’s flagship series to miss out on it, so audiophile customers will no doubt be disappointed by the decision to omit the popular connection point.

As well as noticing the lack of a headphone jack, we’ve spotted that there are plenty of physical features remaining from the Note 9, plus a very welcome return. The S-Pen and a USB-C port will be present on the handset, but it looks like an IR blaster will join them. This would allow you to use the device as a remote control.

What we see on the rear of the case matches recent leaks, which claim that a vertically-aligned camera module will replace the horizontal arrangement seen on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

There’s space enough for three large lenses, and an adjacent module which will include the flash plus perhaps a heart rate monitor or even a small Time-of-Flight sensor. The camera set-up is likely to bear a strong resemblance to that of the Samsung Galaxy S10.

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The Pro version would be a new addition to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 line, which usually just has one model per year.

It seeks to cater to customers with even more ambitious demands than the already feature-packed Note series, so we’re expecting something truly special — and it will need to be, because shortly after release it will be in direct competition with the Google Pixel 4 and the iPhone 11.

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