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The Apple Watch is finally available on O2 with some pretty sweet deals

By reviews / 15. June 2019

The fourth-generation Apple Watch launched on the same day as the iPhone XS and XS Max in September 2018. However, while the smartphones was available on all of the major mobile networks on day one, it was a different story when it came to the wearable device.

EE and Vodafone had exclusives on the LTE versions of the Apple Watch (from Series 3 onwards) but the O2 network is finally joining the fray, finally allowing subscribers to connect to their existing phone contract.

O2 is flogging both the Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple Watch Series 4 from today, and new customers will also able to pair the Apple Watch with an iPhone and accompanying tariff of their choosing.

For existing customers with an iPhone 6 or higher, the company enables users to set up their own custom plans, meaning users can choose how much they want to pay upfront, how long their contract should be.

So, for example, an Apple Watch Series 4 LTE with the 44mm display and a Sport Band can be nabbed for £20 up front, with the three-year contract for $20.41 a month. The network is offering users 6-months of free airtime, with a £5 discount offered during checkout.

DEAL: Get the Apple Watch on O2 with 6-months free airtime

The Apple Watch Series 3 42mm is naturally a little more affordable. With a £20 upfront payment, the three-year contract contract costs £16.79 a month, again with the £5 airtime discount putting it at £11.79 for the first six months.

However, all of these these deals can be endlessly customised so shoppers can play around for a plan that suits them. Users can pay more upfront to bring the monthly tariff down, or reduce the contract length to bring the monthly fee up.

In a blog post on Friday, O2 wrote: “Apple Watch Series 4 will be available to new and existing iPhone pay monthly users on custom plans, enabling customers to choose how much they want to pay upfrontwith the ability to spread the remaining device cost between 3 and 36 months (in one-month increments) at 0% APRThis means customers can pay as little as £14.50 per month for the first 6 months if they select Apple Watch Series 4 on a 36 month contract19.50 per month thereafter).”

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