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Samsung Galaxy S10 models are ALL $300 off at Best Buy right now

By reviews / 14. June 2019
Samsung Galaxy S10e back on table right alt

The Samsung Galaxy S10 handsets are on sale at Best Buy in the United States, with $300 savings on all unlocked variants of the phones. That’s the S10e, S10, and S10 Plus.

That means the Galaxy S10e with 128GB of storage is available for as little as $449.99, rather than the original $749.99 asking price. If you want the standard Samsung Galaxy S10 with 128GB of storage you can get it for $599.99 instead of the recommended $899.99.

Those savings translate to the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, which is now just $699.99 instead of $999.99. The only device missing from the line-up is the Galaxy S10 Plus 5G, which of course isn’t available unlocked and only on the Verizon network.

So what’s the catch with all of these deals? Same as always. You need to activate the the device with a carrier today in order to be eligible for the discount. If you choose to activate the savings later, you’ll only save $100, which is better than nothing of course.

Buy now: Get the Samsung Galaxy S10e for $449.99 (save $300) at Best Buy
Save today: Save $300 on the standard Galaxy S10 when you activate through Best Buy
Buy now: The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is just $699 (save $300) at Best Buy

In his review of the Galaxy S10, our own Max Parker wrote: “There isnt a more complete flagship Android phone you can buy right now than the Samsung Galaxy S10and its two biggest competitor are, at this moment, the smaller S10e and the pricier S10 Plus.”

So, if you’re thinking of buying the Galaxy S10 or two of the other models in the range, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet, today should probably be the day. These are the deepest carrier activation discounts we’ve seen since the phones were released and may not be repeated until later in the year.

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