Now the Pixel 4 has been spotted out in the wild

By reviews / 14. June 2019
Google Pixel 4 design confirmed

It has been quite the week for the Google Pixel 4 smartphone, which still isn’t due for release until October. A mock-up pitched the prospective design, which was then spectacularly confirmed by Google, before another leak told us when to expect the phone.

Now, as the week draws to a close, we’ve got the full set. The device has apparently been spotted out there in the wild. 9to5Google has the imagery courtesy of a tipster, showing that what we now know for sure is the camera design.

The anonymous tipster snapped an image of a man cradling the phone, showing the camera array confirmed by Google in the official image of the Pixel 4 posted earlier this week. The case housing the handset also appears to be very much like the fabric cases Google sells for its Pixel range of smartphones too.

You can see the image below:

This wouldn’t be the first time a Pixel phone has leaked out in this way. Back in August last year, a spy shot of the Pixel 3XL showcased that massive notch housing the two front facing cameras, which was eventually the subject of much ridicule.

The new tipster got a look at the front of the device revealed this week (alas, no pictures) and said the two selfie cameras and the sizeable notch were still in play. Whether Google has managed to reduce the size of the notch remains to be seen.

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In the image revealed by Google earlier this week, Google only showed the back of the phone so we’re none the wiser.

As well as the Google leak, we also learned the release window for the Pixel 4 and its likely XL counterpart. According to a leaked marketing schedule from the Verizon Wireless network in the United States, the devices will arrive during October as usual.

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