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Nintendo Switch 2 rumours resurface as production moved from China

By reviews / 14. June 2019

Nintendo is reportedly moving console production away from China, as the trade dispute with the US continues. And that allegedly includes Nintendo Switch 2.

It is said to be switching (pun intended) its manufacture to other plants in Southeast Asia, possibly Taiwan or Vietnam.

People from within the supply chain also claim that hardware being built outside China will include two new models, currently designated Nintendo Switch 2. The Wall Street Journal reports that specific volume numbers were not revealed, but “Nintendo wanted to have enough units to sell in the US, the largest market for videogame consoles.”

Moving production to other regions will reduce import tariffs.

A Nintendo spokesman declined to comment on the new models, but the WSJ writes that his response included that “the company is always exploring options for where it assembles its products”.

Although there were rumours that Nintendo could launch its new consoles at E3 2019, the company confirmed beforehand that it would only be focusing on games at this year’s show.

It is thought, therefore, that their launch is now likely to be at the end of this year, closer to the Christmas period.

You can find out all the latest on the new machines, including the cheaper version of the Switch, plus a more advanced model in our round-up here.

Original source: https://www.pocket-lint.com/games/news/nintendo/148369-nintendo-switch-2-rumours-resurface-as-production-moved-from-china

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