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Apple registers 7 unreleased MacBook laptops: Are they launching soon?

By reviews / 14. June 2019

It looks like Apple might be prepping a handful of new MacBook laptops, and we could see them announced by the end of the year.

The company has registered the following unreleased notebook models with the Eurasian Economic Commission database: A2141, A2147, A2158, A2159, A2179, A2182, and A2251. Registrations such as these typically precede official product announcements by just a few months.

According to the listings, as spotted by French site Consomac and MacRumors, all seven are described as “portable” computers. We can therefore assume they’re either MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro laptops. The big question, however, is whether they’re minor upgrades or major refreshes.

Now, Apple upgraded its MacBook Pro range to the 8-core Intel processor earlier this month. But there’s still the 12-inch MacBook that was last updated in 2017, as well as the 13-inch MacBook Pro (without Touch Bar) that’s long over due. As for the MacBook Air, it was updated in October. Finally, there’ve been rumours about a 16-inch MacBook Pro coming later this year with an all-new design.

Presumably, it would be unveiled or launched this autumn at the earliest. Apple is expected to release its new high-end Mac Pro around the same time, perhaps even in September alongside the next iPhone. So, it could wait until that hardware event to announce a totally revamped MacBook Pro.

The only issue giving us pause is, considering Apple recently updated its 2019 MacBook Pro laptop range with a spec bump, why wouldnt it have also refreshed them with an all-new design at the same time? Why delay until autumn?

Guess we’ll have to wait a bit to learn more.

Original source: https://www.pocket-lint.com/laptops/news/apple/148361-apple-just-registered-7-unreleased-macbook-laptops-are-they-launching-soon

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