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DJI’s next move? An awesome build-it-yourself programmable robot

By reviews / 13. June 2019

DJI has unveiled an all new product, and it’s not a drone or a camera. It’s called the RoboMaster S1, and it’s an awesome-looking programmable robot on four wheels designed to help you learn code (and have a lot of fun). 

It’s the company’s very first ground-based robot, but taps into all the technologies the manufacturer has developed over the last few years. Tech that has helped to make its drones and gimbals some of the most respected in the world. 

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DJI describes the S1 as a “rover”, with S1 being short for “Step 1” (suggesting this isn’t going to be the only robot it makes). 

It’s designed help users learn about AI and engineering and teach basic coding and is equipped with 31 different sensors that map the world around it, which includes the six built into the body armour, designed to detect impact. 

At the top of this high tech robot is a camera (as you’d expect from DJI), allowing you to stream a feed of video to the RoboMaster app as you’re driving it around. 

That’s not all though, built on top of a mechanical gimbal – another DJI speciality – is a blaster that fires both infrared beams and a nontoxic gel bead. For those worried about safety – and getting hurt – DJI has limited the launching rate and angle to ensure that it’s safe. 

What’s awesome is that DJI’s drone camera capabilities have made it into the S1’s FPV camera. That means it can identify different objects automatically, but also can follow a person in follow mode, or recognise claps and gestures as well as other S1 units. 

Add all of that to the Mecanum wheels which each have 12 rollers on them for omnidirectional movement, and you have one awesome looking, very advanced toy. 

Before using it, you build it yourself, and there are 46 programmable components that you learn to program over time; teach it visual triggers, race with it, battle with other S1’s and all kinds of other interactive modes. 

The DJI RoboMaster S1 is available to buy from now in the US, and can be bought for $499. As with its drones, there’s also an optional extra kit that’ll be available at a later date and include a dedicated gamepad, extra gel beads, a battery and gel bead container. 

Original source: https://www.pocket-lint.com/gadgets/news/dji/148340-dji-robomaster-s1

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