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This is the Pixel 4: Google one-ups recent leaks by revealing phone early

By reviews / 12. June 2019

Google has revealed what the Pixel 4 officially looks like – months before it’s supposed to launch.

On 12 June, Google tweeted an image of its next flagship smartphone, even though the company wasnt expected to announce the device until October. Keep in mind we’ve seen several leaks and renders of the Pixel 4 in recent weeks. So, Google appears to be one-upping all those leaks, by posting its own official image and telling fans towaittil you see what it can do”.

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The official image shows what appears to be two rear cameras and a third sensor in a large camera bump on the phones rear. We also see a white or gray power button and the companys G logo. And, of course, we can see the phone’s dark gray or black colourway. There is little else we can glean from the press render, so here’s to hoping Google continues to leak its own phone.

If you remember, by the time Google unveiled the Pixel 3 last year, it had already leaked out extensively, even showing up in hands-on videos and camera tests and a Lyft vehicle. There were literally no surprises left. Perhaps Google is just taking things into its own hands this year?

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Original source: https://www.pocket-lint.com/phones/news/google/148347-this-is-the-pixel-4-google-one-ups-recent-leaks-by-revealing-phone

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