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Shazam for Android has a great new trick iOS users probably won’t get

By reviews / 11. June 2019

Just because Shazam is now owned by Apple, it doesn’t mean Android users are out in the cold. In fact, the latest feature addition to the song recognition app is an Android exclusive right now.

The new Shazam update for Android builds upon the ability to recognise songs playing on TV or the radio through the phone’s microphone. It can finally identify tracks playing through the mobile device’s headphones, while keeping them in your ears. Previously Shazam on Android users had to actually point them at the speaker in order to identify the song they were listening to.

The Pop-up Shazam feature works in the background to identify songs and it works with popular streaming apps like Spotify and YouTube.

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In an update on Google Play, Shazam explains: “You can now Shazam music coming through your headphones! No need to point them at the microphone. Shazam will recognise the music thats playing through your headphones.”

You may be thinking ‘why’s there a need to identify a song playing through your headphones when most of the music services tell you exactly which song you’re listening to?’ While that’s true in the majority of most cases, Shazam has plenty more to offer than simply ID-ing the track.

It offers lyrics, information about the artists, a link to the listing on your favourite streaming service, other tracks by the artists in question, related tracks from other artists, as well as the ability to buy the song on iTunes.

Unfortunately, there’s no Pop-up Shazam option in the iOS app right now despite Apple taking ownership of the popular app last year. The anomaly is likely down to Apple’s stricter rules. It doesn’t give third-party developers access to audio that’s playing directly from the device.

At least we know Shazam is still operating on enough of an independent basis for Apple to be cool with allowing the Android version of the app to gain the upper hand when it comes to new features.

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