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Google’s Year in Search shows what grabbed the UK’s attention in 2018

By reviews / 12. December 2018
Google Search

As we approach 2019, its time for Google to reveal our search habits for another year. And while youd imagine a late flurry of searches forno-confidence motionwith todays political drama, it didnt quite come in early enough to make the cut.

Unsurprisingly it was sporting drama that mainly dominated UK search engines, with Englands unexpectedly strong performance in Russia fueling searches forWorld Cup” – the most searched for term of 2018.

Elsewhere, Prince Harrys wedding led to the second and third most popular search terms – “Royal weddingandMeghan Markle,” whileBlack PantherandRoxanne Pallettrounded out the top five. Surprise gaming hit Fortnite narrowly missed out, finishing sixth.

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Perhaps more revealing is the most searched for terms that begin with the wordsHow to.” These sometimes reflect upcoming events (“How to watch Fury vs. Wilder/the Champions League final”), but also current news events, withHow to delete Facebook/Instagramsurfacing in the wake of the companys difficult year.  An alarming number of people were also seeking advice onhow to floss dance” – considerably more than those wanting to knowhow to bleed a radiatororget the old Snapchat back”.

Thewhat isseries of questions generally reflected areas of the news that people wanted more information on: “Bitcoin”, “GDPR”, “nerve agent”, “the Brexit dealandupskirtingall got asked about, as did theibex”. Apparently that flurry of interest in the wild goat was thanks to Jeremy Clarksons revival of Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

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Speaking of television, the reboot of Chris Tarrant’s famous quiz show didnt make the top ten. Im a Celebrity, Killing Eve and The Bodyguard were the top shows according to Google, but it was a reality-TV heavy list, with Love Island, Big Brother (both celebrity and regular) and Dancing on Ice all making the cut.

Of those that died in 2018, Avicii attracted the most searches, followed by Alfie Evans and Dale Winton. Stephen Hawking, Mac Miller, George Bush, Stan Lee, XXXTentacion, Aretha Franklin and Verne Troyer also generated a significant number of searches, too.

Although Googles Year in Search may seem like a bit of fun, it can actually be quite telling. How people search in the privacy of their own homes is the purest way of telling what theyre actually interested in. And while thats often news driven, its clear that some things generate significantly more interest than others. In some ways, the events that didnt make the list are more interesting than the things that did. In this Brexit-dominated year, its telling that not one politician featured in thetrending peoplelist, for example.

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