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PlayStation Classic gets wireless gameplay thanks to new 8bitdo adapters

By reviews / 11. December 2018

Sony’s PlayStation Classic has received a boost in functionality courtesy of the third-party accessory maker 8bitdoAs it has with other retro consoles like the NES and SNES Classic, 8bitdo has revealed adapters that enables the limited console to be used with wireless controllers.

This will allow gamers to use existing controllers like the DualShock (PS3 and PS4) and other Bluetooth enabled controllers from Xbox, Nintendo Switch and Wii U controllersThere’s also a range of 8bitdo’s own controllers that become compatible with the new PlayStation Classic. The company says the adapter will offer lag-free connections between the controllers and the console itself.

The adapter costs $19.99 (around £16), but they won’t ship until December 31, so you won’t be getting your hands on it in time for Christmas.

The Playstation Classic arrived late last month, but is widely considered to be a disappointment amid sky-high expectations. There were only 25 games available, with no prospect of more being added, and those games that were selected hardly represent the best of what the 90s console offered in its prime.

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In our review, Jake Tucker bemoaned the terrible collection of games and bare bones emulation.

He wrote: “Its difficult to justify the expense for a collection of the PlayStations more forgettable games. While licensing issues kept many of the classics locked away, it would have been nice to see more curation with the titles involved. Titles like Legacy of Kain or Dino Crisis, cult hits that havent had an outing in years and would be more interesting than a lot of the games on offer here, many of which just dont excite in the way they once did. Sure, you cant expect games to grip you the same way they did back in the 90s, but the other retro consoles seem to have more going for them.”

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