LG G8 ThinQ could deliver a laser-powered 3D camera

By reviews / 11. December 2018

The LG G8 ThinQ could arrive with a new type of new rear-facing camera that is capable of taking three-dimensional images.

According to patents uncovered by Let’s Go Digital, say multiple sensors on the back of the smartphone will be combined with a laser sensorThat laser radiates light and uses the reflected light from the subject in order to record multiple frames that are combined into one 3D photo that can be viewed from multiple angles.

In the patent published late last month, LG explains that the cameras will be placed in a matrix or stereoscopic configurationThe tech could also be be transplanted to a front-facing camera and used with eye recognition or, like Apple’s FaceID technology, facial recognition.

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However, the deployment of the technology in a front-facing camera means LG should be able to ensure super high-resolution 3D photos that will give the medium a better success than when 3D photos were first trialled at the start of this decade. It could also assist with the growing penchant for augmented reality experiences.

Recent reports from Bloomberg have also suggested Huawei is working on this technology by incorporating camera sensors developed by Sony.

The report said:

“Besides generating pictures that can be viewed from numerous angles, Huaweis new camera can create 3-D models of people and objects that can be used by augmented-reality apps, according to one of the people. The new camera will also let developers control apps and games in new ways, such as hand gestures, the person said, who added that some of the details may change as developers work with the technology.”

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