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New Edge browser will support Chrome extensions and come to Xbox One

By reviews / 10. December 2018

Were starting to get more details about Microsofts upcoming Chromium-based Edge web browser. When Microsoft first announced the plan, we had many questions. Now, one of the main questions has been answered.

Microsoft’s new Edge browser will support Google Chrome extensions. The software’s project manager, Kyle Alden, revealed the news in a Windows 10 subreddit, as spotted by Thurrotts. “It’s our intention to support existing Chrome extensions,” he said. While his answer does leave some room for a walk-back, it’s safe to assume this is actually happening.

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Google Chromes extensions are a primary reason Chrome has lapped other browsers in the past few years, as they allow users to customise their web browser to fit their own uses. For instance, once installed, extensions auto-search and apply discount codes while you’re shopping. Others can replace your new tab screen with a personalised home screen, or just allow you to play simple games.

There are over 8,500 extensions currently available.

Alden also revealed in the same reddit Q&A that Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Edge web browser is coming to the Xbox One and “all Microsoft devices”. The new browser will even support Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).

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Not everyone is hyped about this new change to Chromium, though. Mozilla CEO Chris Beard recently published a blog post to explain his own frustration with Microsofts decision, saying it’s bad for competition. While that may be somewhat true, can you really blame Microsoft for making the switch?

People have often made jokes about how the only purpose of Edge is to download Google Chrome on a new PC.


Original source: https://www.pocket-lint.com/apps/news/xbox/146504-new-edge-browser-will-support-chrome-extensions-and-come-to-xbox-one

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