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Amazon’s handy new parts compatibility tool helps you to upgrade your PC

By reviews / 3. December 2018
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Building a PC has become easier in recent years, but parts manufacturers are still fond of throwing the occasional curveball.

Amazon seems to think it can help with that, and has just rolled out a new compatibility checking ‘Part Finder’ tool to help you select the right PC parts for you (via PC Gamer). Note the cheeky widget that pops up at the top of certain components, like this Samsung 860 EVO SSD.

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Once you slap the model number into the widget, it’ll tell you whether or not the part you’re looking at will work with it. Unfortunately, the tool isn’t available for everything PC just yet.

At present, it seems like the setup will only work with pre-built machines or laptops. Though you can also check two different PC parts with the widget to check whether they’ll play nice or not when you mush them together.

There are a lot of strong PC compatibility checkers out there for those in the know, and many swear by PC Part Picker’s suite of tools.

Arguably Amazon’s PC part picker isn’t for hardcore users though, and instead fits perfectly into the niche of curious users trying to take the first steps into upgrading their own machines.

It’s an area that can seem archaic from the outside looking in, so if Amazon does roll the widget out across different PC parts, this could help someone with a prebuilt PC breath some life into an ageing rig.

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By slapping it on the top of a bunch of different component pages, the retail giant could have an inroad into selling first time dabblers PC components.

Planning to upgrade a PC for the first time? Think it’s unlikely Amazon will drag you away from PC Part Picker? Let us know at @TrustedReviews.

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