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Moto G7 Power phone will come with a huge battery, FCC filing shows

By reviews / 30. November 2018

Lenovo-owned Motorola is prepping a new Moto G7 line, which has leaked out extensively over the past few weeks, and now, we’re seeing information surface about an unannounced G7 Power model.

Thanks to an FCC filing, first noticed by XDA Developers, it looks like Motorola will announce a Moto G7 Power alongside the Moto G7, Moto G7 Plus, and Moto G7 Play. In other words, four new Moto G devices will likely debut next year. The main difference between the Moto G7 Power model and all the others is that it will have, well, a lot more power. In the new FCC filing, Motorola revealed the phone will have a 5,000mAh battery capacity.

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Interestingly, the recently leaked Moto G Play model is expected to have a much smaller battery. For instance, the Moto G6 Play has a 4,000mAh battery. But a different FCC filing has disclosed the new Moto G7 Play will feature a 2,820mAh battery, which is significantly smaller.

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There’s reason to believe the Moto G7 Power won’t be more powerful, despite the larger battery. Rumblings have suggested the phone will have lower specs than the Moto G7. It might feature a Snapdragon 632 processor and will be available in four different variants ranging from 2GB to 6GB of RAM, as well as 32GB to 64GB of storage. For more leaks and rumours, see our round-up here.

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The Motorola Moto G6, G6 Plus and G6 Play were all announced toward the end of April 2018, hitting the shelves at the beginning of May. We therefore don’t expect to see the Moto G7 models until March 2019 at the earliest.

Original source: https://www.pocket-lint.com/phones/news/motorola/146430-motor-g7-power-phone-will-come-with-a-huge-battery-fcc-filing-shows

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