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Apple just revealed which iPhone model is the most “mainstream”

By reviews / 30. November 2018
iPhone XR
iPhone XR

Contrary to what numerous recent reports have led us to believe, the iPhone XR is currently Applesmost mainstream product and [its] most popular iPhone”.

Those are the words of Greg Joswiak, Apples vice president of product marketing. “Since the iPhone XR became available, its been the best-selling iPhone each and every day that its been on sale,” he told Reuters this week.

Unfortunately, Joswiak fell short of disclosing any hard figures.

The iPhone XR was revealed at the same time as the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, but only went on sale towards the end of October.

We awarded it 4.5/5 in our review, in which we hailed it as: “The best all-round iPhone you can buy in 2018”, thanks to its excellent camera, battery life and performance, and the fact it shares some of the XSfeatures but is available for a lower price.

Its also available in loads more colours.

The iPhone XR is a fantastic mixture of the best high-end features from the iPhone XS at a price more people will find affordable,” our review concluded. “Its not cheap, but I think it proves great value when you consider how fast it is and how good the camera is.”

We were, therefore, taken aback when reports emerged earlier this month, claiming that customer demand for the XR was nowhere near as high as expected.

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Citingpeople familiar with the situation”, The Wall Street Journal recently published a report suggesting that Apple had slashed production orders for the XR not once but twice. Prior to that, Nikkei Asian Review reported that Apple had suspended plans to increase production of the handset.

Mixed signals much?

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