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New PS5 images offer a sneak peek at Sony’s next-gen 8K console

By reviews / 29. November 2018

Even though the PS4 Pro is still a relatively new console, anticipation is already building for the PS5and today we have a tantalising glimpse at what to expect from the next-gen Sony console.

Gadget blog LetsGoDigital is the source of these stunning PS5 renders, which show a console that somehow appears to be even thinner than the current PS4 Slim model.

This perhaps shouldn’t come as a surprise, as Sony typically designs the most attractive consoles on the market, whereas Microsoft’s rival Xbox focuses on powerhouse specs.

Among other things, you’ll see that the lush dual-texture finish sported by the original PS4 is maintained in this imagining of the PS5

Image Credit: LetsGoDigital

The 3D mock-ups were designed in collaboration with the Bonami SpelComputer Museum and are loosely based on earlier PS5 photos leaked by Russian site Rozetked – though it was soon discovered that these images were fake, and the usually reliable outlet was quick to report this.

For reference, here’s a look at one of the debunked PS5 prototype images.

Image Credit: Rozetked

We’re expecting big things from Sony’s next-gen PS5 console, with the rumour mill suggesting it could pack an 8-core AMD Ryzen chipset complete with Zen+ architecture and GDDR6 memory.

Other gossip hints at a redesigned DualShock 5 controller with more curves and a new 5G PlayStation Portable handheld console to rival the Nintendo Switch, while some of the wilder speculation out there has claimed the PS5 will offer wireless charging and support 8K resolution.

If the mooted Christmas 2019 PS5 Pro release date holds true, though, that seems like a bit of a stretchthough there’s no telling with Sony, especially as a supplementary PS5 Pro release could indeed feature such a spec and there are already 8K TVs like the Samsung Q900R hitting shelves.

However, the original PS5 launch roadmap pointed to a 2021 release date, which would make 8K a more reasonable expectation straight out-of-the-box.

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