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Pixel 3 Lite leak looks swish, even next to the iPhone XR

By reviews / 26. November 2018
A Pixel rose between two iThorns?

Evidence is mounting that Google is plotting a more affordable version of its flagship Pixel 3 smartphones.

Following the appearance of leaked images earlier this month, more shots have popped up online claiming to show the so-called Pixel 3 Lite (aka Pixel Sargo). The shots shown off by Wysla match those that Russian website Rozetked showcased on November 16.

Shown side-by-side with various other top smartphonesincluding Pixel and iPhone modelswe can’t actually tell whether the images show the 3.5mm headphone jack on top of the device, as shown off previously.

The handset, which could rival the iPhone XR if it arrives on the market in 2019, is believed to be carrying a modest Qualcomm 670 processor with 4GB off RAM and 32GB of onboard storageUnfortunately, theres still no news on a potential price or release date for this Pixel 3 Lite.

Whether Google would look to charge an iPhone XR-like price, or would give this device a tag more suited to the mid-range processor sitting within, remains to be seen.

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There would almost certainly be a strong market for an affordable yet capable device, which guaranteed those instant Android updates and kept away from the custom UIs deployed by third-party manufacturers.

Image credit: Wysla.com

This was something Google actually offered at one point with its Nexus smartphones, prior to pivoting to premium hardware and price points with its Pixel range of phones.

Returning to the mid-range could provide Google with the opportunity to boost its sales figures. While the Pixel phones have emerged alongside the most critically-acclaimed Android phones on the market in the last two years, the sales figures still leave a lot to be desired.

Would you be in the market for a Pixel 3 Lite phone if Google decides to target the mid-range with its offering? Drop us a line with your thoughts @TrustedReviews on Twitter.

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