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This Gmail feature is infuriating so disable it today

By reviews / 19. November 2018

In the name of convenience, Google has added many smart Gmail features this year, but not everyone’s excited about them. One such example, is the nudges to reply to emails youor your recipientyet to follow up on.

The feature pushes the email chain back to the top of your inbox, so you’ve probably noticed it flagging 4-5 day-old emails, in case you’ve forgotten about them, or if you want to ‘nudge’ a recipient to get back to you.

In theory, it’s great. However, in many cases those nudges are for conversations that have already reached their natural end. Also, if you’re patiently awaiting a reply from the other party, seeing their name back at the top of your inboxwithout a new messageis downright annoying.

Thankfully, you can disable the nudges feature within the Gmail settings menus. You can choose whether you want to disable nudges for emails you’ve yet to reply to, and also for those who’ve yet to reply to you.

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Doing so is easyOn the Gmail web client, simply go to Settings > and scroll down to Nudges. There you can untick the ‘Suggest emails to reply to’ or ‘suggest emails to follow up on’ options (via LaptopMag).

In the Gmail app, you need to go to Settings > Your Account > Nudges > Replies and follow-ups and do the sameAnd it’s really that simple.

Nudges is the latest AI-based feature Google has added to Gmail throughout the year. It arrived in May alongside the offline mode, which allows users to perform actions like write, delete and archive emails while offline. All activities are synced when the user comes back online.

This year, Google also added the suggested Smart Replies, which stirred a little controversy for creating some dodgy responses, but in the main it’s handy for fast-moving folks looking to fire-off a quick answer.

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