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This is what Skullcandy’s unannounced wireless earbuds look like

By reviews / 15. November 2018

Truly wireless earbuds are the headphone trend this year, so, of course, Skullcandy is making a presumably affordable pair.

The budget headphone-maker has an unannounced pair of Skullcandy Push earbuds that have passed through the FCC. The filing tells us nearly everything we need to know and even includes the headphones’ instruction manual, of all things. From what we can tell, each Push earbud features a large button on the side that can be pressed to adjust volume or skip tracks. A press of the button can also activate the voice assistant on your phone.

Skullcandy Push earbuds also automatically turn on when removed from their charging case, and they will shut off when put back. This case seems to charge over USB-C, rather than wireless, like Apple’s rumoured AirPods 2 might. And that’s about all we can glean from this FCC filing. There are no clues regarding the headphones’ pricing or release date, but products that work through their way through the FFC tend to be announced shortly after.

Also, since Skullycandy – which has a reputable brand – is making these, they likely won’t cost $179 like the AirPods do. If we had to guess, they’d be under $50. But that’s not official. We suspect we will hear from Skullcandy soon enough.

Original source: https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/146310-this-is-what-skullcandy-s-unannounced-wireless-earbuds-look-like

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