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Xiaomi AirDots are the latest Apple AirPods-a-like – and they’re so, so cheap

By reviews / 7. November 2018
Xiaomi AirDots

Completely wireless earphones were a thing before Apple rocked up with AirPods, but since that point smartphone manufacturers have really jumped on board with the craze.

Xiaomi AirDots are the latest wireless earbuds to take inspiration from Apple’s name, design and form factor. However, while Apple’s AirPods will run you £159/$159, AirDots will only cost the equivalent of £22/$29.

While Xiaomiwho is bringing its smartphones to the UK this weekis known for its cheap handsets, it’s highly unlikely AirDots will offer a comparable audio experience to its more illustrious rival.

AirDots do have Bluetooth 5.0 and silicone tips which should lead to a more secure fit. They also have the charging case, which could be used to replenish the buds on the goThe buds themselves have more of an ear-hugging design, rather than the toothbrush-head style AirPods.

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Whether Xiaomi will launch the AirDots in the UK remains to be seen. Given the inexpensiveness of this device, it begs the question whether smartphone makers will begin bundling in wireless earphones with smartphones, instead of the regular wired buds.

The launch of AirDots follows similar products like the Huawei FreeBuds and FreeBuds 2 Pro, which are a much closer to AirPods in terms of design and fitHuawei subsidiary Honor also launched the FlyPods and FlyPods Pro buds which also ape the AirPods right down to the wireless charging case.

Xiaomi AirDots 2

Earlier this week we learned Apple might be plotting advanced AirPods 2 buds with biometric capabilities. The company has reclassified its trademarks in order to identify the accessory as a wellness device. This means we might get a heart rate sensor, along with the rumoured ‘Hey Siri’ capabilities with AirPods 2.

Have you snapped up any of the AirPods clones? Have they impressed you with design or sound quality? Are you an AirPods loyalist? Drop us a line @TrustedReviews on Twitter.

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