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Dyson improves its Pure Hot+Cool because we’ve stopped leaving the house

By reviews / 7. November 2018
Pure Hot Cool 2018 Dyson

Dyson has launched a new version of its Pure Hot+Cool purifying fan heaters, designed to add comfort regardless of the time of year. As well as warming and cooling the home environment during the requisite seasons, the device will purify the air throughout the year.

Dyson says the new machinewhich is available in the UK on November 7, priced at £549.99detects indoor airborne particles and gases in real time and will report them back to a new LCD display on the display itself, as well as the Dyson Link app.

The company says its new HEPA filter can absorb a greater degree of gasses, odours, domestic fumes and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from inside the home. Dyson also adds the Pure Hot+Cool captures 99.95 per cent of particle pollution as small as 0.1 microns-  including allergens, bacteria, pollen and mould sporesThanks to an expanded the 350-degrees of oscillation, the new Pure Hot+Cool model will now pump 290 litres of purified air per second around the room.

Dyson says these improvements have been because we’re now an “indoor generation” spending 90% of our time in the house breathing in nasty indoor pollutants from domestic items like furniture, kitchen appliances, paint, and plants. Yes plants.

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Elsewhere, the company says its engineers have optimised the air amplifier amplifier geometry to balance room mixing, while it tested 80 different heating configurations of the heating element in search of the most suitable combinationNaturally, the thermostat will ensure the room remains at the target temperature and will automatically click off when the target temperature is reached.

Sam Bernard, Global Category Director, Environmental Control says, “A good purifying fan heater should sense, capture, project, heat and cool you. We insist on developing technology that works properly, without compromise on any functions. Our latest machine goes beyond standard tests. It heats and cools you quickly and effectivelywhile always purifying the whole room.”

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