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Airbubbl is the portable air purifier designed to keep your car fresh

By reviews / 6. November 2018

There’s a good degree of knowledge about the quality of outdoor air, and a growing realisation that our indoor air might not be so pure, but what about inside our cars? That’s a problem that Airlabs wants to tackle with the Airbubble portable air purifier.

According to studies, sitting in traffic for an hour a day (passenger or driver) is equivalent to passively smoking 180 cigarettes a year. Air quality inside a car can actually be worse than the air outside.

Airbubbl is designed to tackle the specific issues that face car users. It can remove particulate matter (PM), which are very small particles in the air that can affect the heart and lungs. More importantly, it’s been designed to remove toxic gasses from the air.

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Tests run with the Airbubbl on some of London’s most polluted streets demonstrated that it was able to remove up to 95% of nitrogen dioxide in under 12 minutes. Gas removal is performed by the activated nano carbo air filter, with the Airbubbl drawing in dirty air and ouputting clean air instead. In comparison, most air purifiers struggle with gas capture and are largely built for PM removal.

Airbubbl is designed to strap around the back of the driver’s headrest and is powered by USB, either from the car or using the provided cigarette lighter adaptor. Control can be via the app or by tapping the button on the side of the Airbubbl.

A boost mode is available, which ups the power for five minutes. After two hours of use, the Airbubbl will shut down automatically. Filters need to be changed every six months.

You can order the Airbubbl now for £299.99, and we’ll have a review up on the site soon.

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