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Fortnite News: Cube Explodes, Watch What Went Down Here

By reviews / 4. November 2018

Brace yourselves. Fornites glowing cube has just exploded in a reality-altering cataclysm.

In the video below, captured by yours truly, youll be able to witness how the in-game event went down. The short version is anyone in a match at 6PM UK time was treated to a surprise.

The cube violently spun until it exploded with an all-consuming light. The light that eliminated appears to be a rift, which transported players into a Phoenix-like white hot room. An ethereal butterfly then appeared and led all of the remaining players back to the real (virtual) world to reveal Leaky Lake has now been terraformed into something quite beautiful.

Its hard to gauge how this will affect the rest of season 6, or if it will tie into season 7. Does the butterfly mark the end of the cube monsters? Has a spirit butterfly saved us all? Only time will tell.

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This isnt the first time Epic has danced with in-game events. Just a few seasons ago saw a rocket launch that threatened to destroy Titled Towers before veering off towards Dust Depot, leaving nothing but a massive crater and a lot of, then, unanswered questions.

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