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Jaybird Tarah Pro aim to be the ultimate headphones for runners

By reviews / 1. November 2018

Jaybird has announced the new Tarah Pro, looking to offer runners the best possible headphones they can get for sport. 

The new headphones are an enhancement beyond the recently launched Tarah, and have been developed with the serious athlete in mind. They’re not designed to be fashion first, they’re designed for runners first.

Wireless, they have a behind-the-neck corded design, although this a reflective fabric finish to stop it sticking to your skin and to make it more comfortable for longer wear. 

The design allows a couple of modes of wear, not just round the back of the neck (where there’s a clip to attach to the back of your shirt to stop the cable moving), but you can also wear them over the tops of the ears, sliding the tightener around the back of the head. 

To facilitate this, there’s articulation in the earbud, so you can move the position of the cable attachment. To aid with fit, there are three sizes of earbud as well as fins.

When you take the headphones out of your ears, they will snap together so they’re not flapping around; when connected in this style, it also pauses the music. 

The music can be tuned to your preference using the companion app, letting you pick sound profiles that suit you. This sound profile is then stored in the Tarah Pro, so you don’t need to the phone to benefit from that sound. 

That means that if you’re out running and using your watch to supply the music, the headphones still sound great. 

The app also allows control of Spotify, with curated playlists appearing in the app for convenience.

The best thing about the Tarah Pro is that they offer 14 hours of battery life; there’s also a quick charge feature that will give you 2 hours of use from just 5 minutes on the supplied charger. 

The Tarah Pro come in at £139, putting them in the same sort of price bracket as the Libratone Track+ or PowerBeats 3.

Original source: https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/146181-jaybird-tarah-pro-ultimate-headphones-runners

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