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Microsoft has found a new way to annoy people who don’t use Edge

By reviews / 12. September 2018
Microsoft Edge

Microsofts attempts to get Windows 10 users to choose Edge over Chrome and Firefox are about to get even more annoying.

The firm is adding a new feature to the software calledApp Suggestions’, which makes a popup appear whenever you try to install a third-party web browser.

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You already have Microsoft Edge − the safer, faster browser for Windows 10,” the popup reads. Below that line are two options: ‘Open Microsoft Edge’, andInstall Anyway’.

The feature will be switched on by default when the Windows 10 October 2018 update lands, Windows Central reports, but youll be able to disable it by diving into the Settings menu.

Still though, its a really irritating bit of functionality, and in all likelihood it will further alienate Windows users and make them even less likely to warm to Edge.

Microsoft is clearly desperate to give its own web browser a much-needed leg-up. In the past, its tried to do this by overriding usersbrowser preferences and by preventing links clicked inside the Windows Mail app from opening on anything other than Edge.

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As of August 2018, on desktop Google Chrome has a 65.21% share of the market, with Internet Explorer on 10.86%, Firefox on 9.76% and Edge on 4.3%, according to NetMarketShare.

On mobile, Chrome has a 61.65% share of the market, with Safari on 23.82% and all other options trailing way behind.

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