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New accessory almost confirms headphone jack won’t return with Pixel 3

By reviews / 11. September 2018

Google has released a brand new USB-C to 3.5mm headphone adapter, which promises 53% lower latency and 38% more playback time.

Its arrival the month before the Google Pixel 3‘s reveal suggests Google has no plans to bring back a native, on-device, headphone jack back after it was unceremoniously killed off with the Google Pixel 2 last year.

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Aside from pretty much confirming the news that most of us expected anyway, the new adapter (spotted by XDA-Developers) otherwise looks like decent news all round. At £12 it’s not outrageously priced, and it’s also a little more compact than the model that was released last year.

We expect the vast majority of people that will buy a Pixel 3 will end up using it with wireless headphones, but an adapter like thi is always useful when you least expect it, whether for plugging your phone into a car stereo, or just hooking up a pair of speakers when Bluetooth decides to play hard to get in the midst of a party.

End of the line for wired

While at the time it felt like the death of the headphone jack meant that people would move towards USB-C and Lightning jack headphones, in actual fact people seem to have given up on wired headphones almost entirely, and now rely on Bluetooth standards for their audio listening.

These Bluetooth standards have, meanwhile, been going from strength to strength, with the latest version of the Bluetooth standard offering higher data throughput, support for streaming to more than one pair of headphones at a time, and a native low-energy mode.

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Meanwhile, Qualcomm’s Bluetooth AptX standard now offers variants to offer hi-res audio, as well as AptX Adaptive, which dynamically adjusts the audio stream depending on the environment and content being streamed.

The headphone jack was great while it lasted, but it seems most companies are now happily settling into their post-3.5mm jack future.

Is the headphone jack still a deal-breaker for you? Let us know @TrustedReviews.

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