Why now is the best time to sell your old iPhone

By reviews / 7. September 2018

Now’s the best time to trade in or sell your iPhone. Why? It’s because prices are currently the highest they’ll be before they decline next week – around 25 percent better. 

That’s because next week will see the launch of the iPhone XS and two other iPhone variants thought to be the iPhone XS Plus and a cheaper version of the iPhone X with a slightly larger 6.1-inch screen and aluminium body. 

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According to Compare and Recycle, iPhone 6 owners stand to gain the most. For the past three months the 128GB model has enjoyed the biggest spike of £50 in recycling price followed by the 64GB with a price increase of £30 to date.

MusicMagpie’s figures for last year’s phone are quite favourable. If you trade in an iPhone X 256GB you can expect to gain £680 now. So if you go and buy this year’s model it will be a more palatable £319 upgrade providing the iPhone XS retains last year’s £999 price point. Check how much your iPhone is worth.

However, Compare and Recycle believe that depreciation is lower on models with lower capacities if you’re going to sell and upgrade year after year but interestingly higher capacity models are the best bet if you’re going to keep your phone for a long time. 

MusicMagpie reckons the iPhone X has held its value higher than any other Apple model released in recent years, a trend that the site has seen more often with Apples higher-end models – an average of 68 percent of retained value in a year, in comparison to older devices such as the iPhone 7 and 6 which only managed to hold onto an average of 40 percent of value after a year.

The 64GB iPhone 6 Plus is now earning an average price of £210 says Compare and Recycle and a high capacity iPhone SE, which originally came out as long ago as March 2016, could reach £200 before the launch.

The iPhone 8 Plus 256 GB on the other hand, will earn you £549 when traded-in according to MusicMagpie. That means the iPhone 8 Plus has held onto 57% of its value in 12 months.

We’ve known for some time that iPhones tend to retain value better than other handsets. According to MusicMagpie, these figures contrast with the Samsung Galaxy S9, with the S9+ being particularly hard hit; losing nearly 50 percent of its value since launch while handsets from OnePlus and Google have lost an average of 80-85%.

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The best thing you can do is confirm a trade-in price before the announcement to ensure a high price on trade in. 

 The timing of consumer trade-ins is also important when it comes to getting the best price for old devices. Based on trends in depreciation following the launch of a new phone model, consumers can get 25% more now, in comparison to when the new device is available to purchase.

MusicMagpie’s latest trade-in values:

  • iPhone 6 16GB – £111
  • iPhone 6 Plus 16GB – £163
  • iPhone 6s 16GB – £135
  • iPhone 6s Plus 16GB – £178
  • iPhone 7 128GB – £255
  • iPhone 7 Plus 128GB – £355
  • iPhone 8 64GB – £361
  • iPhone 8 Plus 64GB – £458
  • iPhone 8 Plus 256GB – £549
  • iPhone X 64GB – £572
  • iPhone X 256GB – £680
  • Samsung S6 32GB – £95
  • Samsung S6 edge 32GB – £117
  • Samsung S7 32GB – £133
  • Samsung S7 edge 32GB  £166
  • Samsung S8 64GB – £260
  • Samsung S8+ 64GB – £281
  • Google Pixel 2 128GB – £290
  • One Plus 5T 128GB – £130
  • Huawei P20 Pro – £300
  • HTC 10 64 GB – £100 
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