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Mirror is a $1500 gorgeous mirror that doubles as a personal trainer

By reviews / 7. September 2018

Physical fitness technology doesn’t always look pretty, because they’re often built to be rugged, but a new Mirror device is anything but ugly.

Called Mirror, it’s well, a mirror overlaid on a 40-inch 1080p vertical display. This workout accessory plays live or prerecorded fitness classes, while you stand in front of it and follow along as a trainer provides instructions behind your reflection. The idea here is that you’ll be able to comfortably work out from home and still see yourself working out in a mirror. But the device costs $1,495, so it isn’t cheap.

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However, that price comes with a heart rate monitor that straps across your chest and resistance bands. The mirror also features built-in speakers, so that you can play music from Mirror, though you can always hook up your own audio via Bluetooth or stream from Spotify Premium. As for the classes, they will automatically play a playlist, but again, you can ditch that and stream whatever you want.

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Mirror also features a 5-megapixel built-in camera with a privacy cover. This camera is for users who pay for personal training sessions. There’s also a monthly content subscription that costs $39 extra. Mirror said it records classes in a New York City studio, where actual instructors film in real-time and can even see who is attending and may call on people. Users can then react, including with emoji.

You’ll not only see the trainer on-screen, but also heart rate, calories burned, and a workout summary at the end of class. The Mirror, which is not touch-enabled and weighs 70 pounds, works with a companion iOS app. Users must use the app to select their classes and input their body goals as well what type of equipment they own and may want to use in their fitness journey, like weights or kettle bells.

Mirror said it will send someone to help mount it, but it also comes with a stand so you can prop it up against the wall. The device is now on sale.

Original source: http://www.pocket-lint.com/gadgets/news/145654-mirror-is-a-1500-gorgeous-mirror-that-doubles-as-a-personal-trainer

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