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Best PlayStation VR Games: All you need to disappear into another reality

By reviews / 31. August 2018

PlayStation VR is the cheapest virtual reality headset you can buy right now, and thus its amassed a sizeable library of fantastic gamesexclusive, experimental and independent. Whatever your tastes, theres bound to be something on Sonys device that tickles your fancy.

Whether youre roaming the snowy wilderness and dispatching bandits in Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, or deftly avoiding a gruesome death at the hands of aliens in The Persistence, PlayStation VR has built up a robust library of titles, and weve played the best of them.

Trusted Reviews has compiled all of the best games you can buy right now on PlayStation VR. Well be adding to this list on a regular basis, so be sure to keep it bookmarked!

Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim VR


  • The entire RPG experience in VR
  • Exploring the world of Skyrim feels natural
  • Fun and rewarding as ever


  • Combat is a little bit floaty
  • Giant spiders in virtual reality

Skyrim is an absolutely massive experience that has stood the test of time thanks to its excellent writing, sprawling world and wonderful sense of scale. Now, Bethesda has transported the beloved RPG into virtual reality, and it feels fantastic.

Whether youre playing on PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, the entire journey has been curated to fit the medium through new control methods and movement options. It all feels surprisingly seamless, and swinging a virtual sword towards oncoming bandits never grows old.

Skyrim VR isnt without its quirks, yet it presents one of the finest cases of traditional gameplay experiences being transported into the world of virtual reality. If you own a headset, this is difficult to pass up.

Buy Skyrim VR from Amazon UK

Superhot VR


  • Dazzling, clean visual design
  • Ingenious strategic slow-mo gunplay
  • Powerful off-beat storytelling
  • Makes you feel like John Wick in VR


  • Short and sweet
  • A visual downgrade compared to Rift and Vive

Superhot VR makes you feel tremendously badass. It masters the act of making you feel like an unstoppable action hero. Time only moves when you do, and thus its key to use all objects and weapons at your disposal to eliminate enemies as they move towards you.

While cool outside of VR, inside gives the action a whole new element of coolness. Youre actually moving about the environment dodging bullets and delivering uppercuts to enemies. Its unbelievably satisfying, and the PSVR port is a solid effort despite some visual compromises.

Buy Superhot VR from Amazon UK

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

rush of blood


  • Excellent shooting when it works
  • Genuinely terrifying
  • Guns feel great
  • Good level variety


  • Enemies lack challenge outside of the boss
  • Consistent jump scares can overwhelm
  • Sometimes shooting briefly stops working

Until Dawn terrified us back in 2015 with its engrossing story, great scares and memorable cast of characters. Now, Sony brings an on-rails spin-off to PlayStation VR.

Described as adescent into madnessby Supermassive Games, Rush of Blood takes you on a literal rollercoaster ride filled with thrills, scares and arcade-style shooter action.

Rush of Blood features a carnival-inspired aesthetic, complemented by many of the terrifying creatures found in Until Dawn. Survival horror is a brilliant genre for virtual reality, more so when youre left squirming in your seat on an inescapable ghost train with nothing but a puny firearm with which to defend yourself.

Unfortunately, you wont be making any vital decisions in Rush of Blood, but it should make for a horrifying ride if you fancy spooking your friends in VR this Halloween.

Buy Until Dawn: Rush of Blood from Amazon UK

Rez Infinite

best psvr


  • A shining example of how games are enhanced by VR
  • Incredible soundtrack
  • Looks stunning
  • Very simple to play


  • Can cause sensory overload, especially if PSVR isnt insweet spot

A remake of the undeniably psychedelic rail-shooter that originally debuted on the Sega Dreamcast, Rez Infinite revitalises the cult classic with upgraded visuals and complete support for PlayStation VR. If virtual reality proves too much for you, the game is also playable in its entirety without the headset. But wheres the fun in that?

Rez Infinite includes new stages and never-before-seen content cut from the original game way back in 2001. Rez is renowned for its sharp, snappy gameplay and overwhelming visuals, which will no doubt spring to life through the medium of virtual reality.

If you didn’t get to experience Rez back in the day, now is the perfect opportunity.

Buy Rez Infinite from the PlayStation Store

Batman: Arkham VR

batman arkham vr


  • Superb narrative
  • Great use of VR
  • Great value for money


  • Occasional technical hiccups

Be honest, youve always wanted to be the Batman. Stepping into the boots and strapping on the cape of the iconic crime fighter as you glide across the grimy streets of Gotham. Batman: Arkham VR allows you to do just that.

Developed by Rocksteady, this first-person experience can be completed in about 90 minutes. Nevertheless, it provides a great level of superhero immersion that simply cant be found elsewhere.

Taking place in the very same universe created by the beloved Arkham franchise, Arkham VR has you solving puzzles, fighting bad guys and reliving the origin story of our troubled hero. For the first time ever, you can see Bruce Waynes parents get capped right before your very eyes.

Arkham VR is simply a must-buy for any Batman fan picking up PSVR. Rocksteady has proven itself time and again as the perfect creator of Batman games, and extending its brilliance into VR with such aplomb should be applauded.

Buy Batman: Arkham VR from Amazon UK

PlayStation VR Worlds

playstation vr worlds


  • Strong diversity of games
  • The London Heist
  • A good showcase for PlayStation VR


  • Each experience too fleeting
  • Experiences lack replay value
  • VR luge

Featuring five unique games, PlayStation VR Worlds is bound to be an essential purchase for headset owners. Whether it be deep-diving with sharks, exploring a distant galaxy, or helming the London mafia, VR worlds has plenty to offer.

Each game has been built from the ground up for virtual reality, engineered to provide an unmatched sense of immersion. In other words, you can do some cool stuff that would probably kill you in real life. I mean, who doesnt want to swim with sharks and luge down a highway filled with speeding cars and colossal 18-wheelers?

Buy PlayStation VR Worlds from Amazon UK

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

resi 7


  • Amazing sound design
  • Genuinely terrifying
  • Superb voice-acting across the board
  • Stellar visuals


  • Some plot points arent as impactful as they should be

Capcom has reinvented its iconic survival horror franchise with Resident Evil 7, switching to a first-person perspective and focusing on unfiltered, uncompromising horror.

Taking place after the events of Resident Evil 6, you play as Ethan, an incredibly unlucky man on the hunt for his missing wife, who seems to have disappeared into a dark, ominous mansion. Ring any bells?

Taking inspiration from the likes of Paranormal Activity, The Blair Witch Project and almost certainly P.T, Resident Evil 7 is a truly special entry in the beloved series.

Buy Resident Evil 7 from Amazon UK




  • A euphoric sense of speed
  • Equally challenging and rewarding
  • Playable in and out of VR


  • Lacking in visual variety
  • Incredibly hard in the later stages

This high-octane rhythm title has you controlling a small, metallic beetle as it roars through a series of fast, relentless tracks. Every movement is done in time with the music, which has you switching directions in a fashion that feels both dynamic and unpredictable.

Thumpers beauty is in its simplicity, hooking you in with simple yet challenging gameplay mechanics and some almost euphoric visuals. The overblown combination of fast-moving colours, objects and shapes is a graphical treat for anyone, let alone a VR newbie.

Much like some of the other titles on this list, Thumper is playable with or without PlayStation VR. However, its certainly more heart-pounding when youre thrust directly into the action.

Buy Thumper from the PlayStation Store

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

star trek bridge crew


  • Faithful to the source material
  • Excellent fun with a group of dedicated friends
  • Each role feels unique and versatile
  • It’s like you’re really on the Enterprise


  • A mediocre solo experience
  • Dependant on heavily accurate tracking

Multiplayer gaming has been a bit of a blind spot for VR gaming. Few titles have allowed players to compete against and alongside each other, as well as communicate with fellow gamers. Thankfully, Star Trek: Bridge Crew is an excellent example of the crazy fun you can have in co-operative VR.

While not the most exciting game played solo, teaming up with three headset-wearing friends can lead to some excellent moments. Communication is key, making sure the Enterprise is kept fighting fit for every mission with which youre tasked.

If youre looking for the best co-op game on the market, this is it.

Buy Star Trek Bridge Crew from Amazon UK

Sprint Vector


  • Fun, quirky and colourful
  • Awesome, once you get the hang of it
  • Excellent fun in online multiplayer


  • Might make you feel a little sick
  • Could use additional modes

Sprint Vector is a virtual reality experience that demands fast reflexes and equally quick movement on behalf of the player. You play as a participant in a galactic sporting event, where you must run across a range of insane environments and reach the finish line in record time.

Its super-fun, and the sense of speed and scale makes it perfect for VRwhether youre playing on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or PlayStation VR. Be aware, those prone to motion sickness might have a little trouble with this one.

Buy Sprint Vector from the PlayStation Store

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