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Tesla unveils a wireless phone charger…then pulls it from the site

By reviews / 29. August 2018

Teslas business is in electric cars, but it has a whole sideline in lifestyle thanks to the cachet of the brand and founder Elon Musk. Thats why the Tesla store is packed full of clothes, hats and phone power banks bearing the logo.

Briefly, the store was also home to the pictured wireless charger, but it seems that Tesla has already taken it down. Its not clear at this point why it went and whether itll be coming back, but weve put the question to Tesla and will update this piece if we get a response.

This is what you missed if it doesnt come back: a 6000mAh charger (roughly two phonesworth, depending on their relative battery sizes), which supports both Qi charging and wired output via USB Type-C. If your phone doesnt take that input (hi iPhone users), then you can also attach your own USB A cable and charge that way, though itll look a little less appealing, obviously.

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And to be clear, looks are the main benefit here. For the $65 (~£50) Tesla is looking for, you can certainly do better from a technical standpoint. Output from the wireless charging is just 5W, while wired will give you 7.5W – in other words, it wont be the fastest charging experience around and youre definitely paying for the logo.

There are cheaper options out there which output at a faster rate, but they also lack the Tesla branding. There are also more expensive options on the horizon: Apples upcoming AirPower unit for charging multiple devices is rumoured to be coming in at $149 (~£117), although the technology involved is rumoured to be a bit of a step forward on our current expectations from wireless chargers

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