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Skagen unveils the swim-proof Falster 2 smartwatch with added GPS

By reviews / 29. August 2018

Earlier this year, Fossils Danish-inspired lifestyle brand Skagen released the Falster smartwatch. There was an awful lot to like about it, but it was let down by a weak battery life and a lack of featureschiefly NFC, heart-rate tracking and GPS.

Well today Skagen has unveiled its follow up: the Falster 2, and it looks like it fixes many of the drawbacks of the original, without losing the stylish, minimalist design that we liked so much the first time round.

In fact, it sounds like it has everything we could ask for in a smartwatch. Heart-rate tracking? Check. GPS? Check. NFC for contactless payments? Check. Swim-proofing? Check again. It even has a magnetic steel-mesh strap – something thats unusual in the world of smartwatches.

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The Falster 2 represents everything Skagen stands for: beautiful, design-focused products that are functional for the way people live,” said Frederik Thrane, Skagens creative director. “An appreciation of simplicity and a thoughtful approach to how your time is spent are key elements in the Danish way of lifeand we capture them in our smartwatches through minimalist execution and customisable function.”

Our one concern here is battery life. Despite its lack of features, the original Falster struggled to get beyond a day – and it was slow to charge, too. With GPS and heart-rate tracking in the mix, stamina is a serious worry. No word on whether the battery is bigger this time around, but Skagen does mentionbattery-saving watch dialsso hopefully itll last a little longer, at least.

Well know for sure when we get to try it ourselves. Theres no release date yet, but Skagen says the watch will go for a little less than last time: £269 for the silicon band, or £299 for the stainless steel version.

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