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Diesel Full Guard 2.5 is the biggest Wear OS watch around

By reviews / 29. August 2018

Ever looked at a smartwatch and thought, yeah its nice, but I wish it were bigger? Thats what the Diesel Full Guard 2.5 is here for.

Sure, weve never heard anyone say anything close to that. But it is refreshing to see something at least slightly different in the familiar world of Wear OS watches.

The Diesel Full Guard 2.5 has a 2.5-inch diameter screen. For context, the Huawei Watch 2 has a 1.2-inch screen.

This leaves the Full Guard 2.5 with a casing even larger than the OG wrist-hugger Garmin Fenix 3. Its diameter is 47mm at its narrowest, 56mm at its widest.

As youd hope, the watch has all the higher-end smartwatch add-ons, including GPS, NFC and a heart rate sensor.

Diesel also claims the Full Guard 2.5 lasts for up to two full days between charges, better than most other models. Judging by its size, its a shame it doesnt last three, though.

The casing is stainless steel, with a two tone black and red look. However, a grey version with brown strap will also be available. And before you lose your mind about its size too much, don’t forget last year’s Casio WSD-F20, which was similarly chunky.

Its due for release in October. And although no UK price has been announced, a rather quick-off-the-mark Littlewoods product page for the Full Guard 2.5 suggests it will cost £429.


Original source: http://www.pocket-lint.com/smartwatches/news/google/145524-diesel-full-guard-2-5-is-the-biggest-wear-os-watch-around

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