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Xbox All Access: How does it work and what do you get?

By reviews / 27. August 2018

Microsoft has a new type of subscription service, called Xbox All Access, that includes Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass, and an Xbox One.

Xbox All Access helps people finance Xbox One hardware, and it helps them pay less than they would if they separately bought the console and services. It reminds us of how you’d buy a smartphone – no upfront cost and one monthly price over two years. Pocket-lint has combed through all the details to help you figure out exactly how Xbox All Access works. 

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What is Xbox All Access?

For a limited time while supplies last, and through Microsoft Stores only, Microsoft is offering a new type of subscription service. Called Xbox All Access, it includes a Xbox One console, over 100 games with Xbox Game Pass, and online multiplayer with Xbox Live Gold. There is no upfront cost, and you pay one monthly price for two years. Technically, there are two tiers of Xbox All Access with different pricing.

How much is Xbox All Access?

  • $21.99 (Xbox One S 1TB console, Xbox Live Gold, and Game Pass)
  • $34.99 (Xbox One X 1TB console, Xbox Live Gold, and Game Pass)

For $22 per month, you can get an Xbox One S (usually $229), in addition to Xbox Live Gold (usually $60 per year) and Game Pass (usually $10 per month). That’s about $61 cheaper than separately paying for everything. Alternatively, for $35 per month, you can get an Xbox One X, in addition to Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass. This saves you $20 over two years.

There is no upfront cost, and the subscription period ends after 24 months. And there is 0 per cent APR for those two years.

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Do you get to keep the hardware?

Yes, after the 24-month subscription period ends, Xbox All Access subscribers get to keep the Xbox One hardware.

How to sign up for Xbox All access

  • Visit a Microsoft Store
  • Sign up for a Dell Preferred Account

To sign up for Xbox All Access, you have to visit a Microsoft Store, pick out your tier, and sign up for a Dell Preferred Account (DPA). Microsoft said onlyqualified customerscan take part, which means potential Xbox All Access subscribers will first need to pass a credit check. You’ll immediately find out if you qualify. DPA financing is offered by WebBank – which determines the qualifications for, and terms of, credit. 

Note: Microsoft said DPA is a “revolving line of credit” that give you the “flexibility to make monthly payments”.

Where is Xbox All Access available?

Microsoft said that Xbox All Access is currently limited to customers in the US, and that it’s only available for a limited time.

Want to know more?

Check out Microsoft’s FAQ page for more technical details.

Original source: http://www.pocket-lint.com/games/news/xbox/145476-xbox-all-access-how-does-it-work-and-what-do-you-get

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